Saturday, May 5, 2012

Getting ready for Baby #3

I am so ready to name this baby! Me and my husband, Josh, have been going back and forth for what seems like forever about what to name this baby. My favorite is Harper, but he doesn't like that. We've talked about Scarlett and Haleigh - along with thousands of others - but just haven't made a decision. Given the fact that we KNOW this baby will be born early, I'm getting a little nervous!

With this baby, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and, so far, have been able to control my sugars with diet and exercise, but our dear little one is still measuring very large. We'll find out in just about 3 or 4 weeks whether I'll be having her naturally (well, with the help of early Pitocin) or by C-section. I'm really not worried about that part, I just hope she doesn't have any issues with sugar or jaundice. However, needless to say, I'm getting close to panic mode trying to get everything done for our new little girl!

The first thing I've done is make a giant quilt. Well, it was supposed to be giant. Josh wanted a larger quilt so that it could be tucked into the bed at night. He likes to put the girls to bed every night, so that was his one request... the other girls' quilts are just too little and they end up wiggling them off at night.

I used fabric from Heather Ross' Mendocino and Far Far Away lines (I, II and maybe one or two from FFAIII) for this quilt. I LOVE Heather Ross fabric! It is so luxurious and soft and the designs are perfectly suited for a little girl. I have been all about some fuchsia and fairy tales with this baby, so I'm really hoping she ends up liking this.

I ended up messing it up pretty badly when I was squaring it up. It's a scrappy quilt and I didn't really follow a pattern, so the measurements were off. I was trying to keep the edge straight, but ended up messing it up BAD. So, naturally, I burst out into tears and sobbed as I cut another few inches off the side to make it square. Josh couldn't understand why I was crying so much, but guys never do...

I just love the fabrics on this quilt! Each fabric tells a different tale and all the stories that are woven into the stitches just make it so special. I can imagine her lying there, looking at the mermaids and the princesses and making up stories of far off lands just like I did as a little girl. At least I hope!

This is the first time I've pieced a back together and used flannel. I have to say, I'm in love! The softness of the flannel, the color and the little snippets of fabric is just so lovely to me. I really hope this little girl likes her quilt!

I had so much fabric left over from the first quilt, that I couldn't resist making some more goodness for this baby! I made another, smaller, quilt (the same size as the ones the girls have now), and a lovey with a teething ring. I've got some other items that I'm working on (burp cloths, swaddling blankets and sheets for the pack n play) that I'll show you next time. I'm staying very busy! I just hope it's all done before she gets here!

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